In the hinterland of Zadar, in Poljica, Šinjorina Smokva was established in 2004. Šinjorina Smokva produces fruit spreads united under the brand ŠINJORINA®. They are promoted with the slogan ONLY ONE COMPOSITION – ECOLOGICAL FRUIT. At the moment, they offer five flavours: fig, maraschino cherry, quince, plum and mandarine.

Šinjorina Smokva received numerous domestic and international awards for quality and design, such as silver for logo and visual identity at the Best Design Competition in Moscow 2007; gold medal in Opatija 2009 at Eco World Fest  and gold medal at Festival of Jam in Novi Sad. Moreover, they won gold medal in the festival of Jam in Dubrovnik and for the third year in a row they are champions of fruit and eco spreads at the international event Intrada in Split etc.

Šinjorina Smokva has been organizing the Fig Festival in Zadar County for the last ten years. The Fig Festival has been incorporated in the autumn event offer in Zadar area. Figs are presented in different combinations, especially as gastro delicacies.

The specificity of their products is that they are seasonal, they are made of fresh fruit, not dried or frozen, and the added value is the fact that the products are made from ecologically grown fruit.

Products of Šinjorina Smokva® fit into a program of healthy, ecological, delicatesses and of a souvenir product.

The products are low-calorie, organic and healthy. They can be found in Gligora’s cheese shops, duty free shops at airports in Split and Zadar, several restaurants and taverns and several Crodux petrol gas stations.

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