What is a Family Farm?


A family farm is generally understood to be a farm owned and/or operated by a family who carry out agricultural activity on an agricultural holding using their own or rented production units.


What is Family Farm Network?


Family economies are extremely important for the national economy and form the backbone of our economy. Strengthening entrepreneurial families has a big impact on the wider community as well. Family Farm network in Vrsi is part of the wider ‘online’ family of business owners being developed by LAG Bura. This networking of family farms aims to empower the family economy, increase their visibility, connect businessmen at local, national and international levels, while establishing family legacies at the same time. Uniqueness of family farm businesses is in family heritage,  intertwined with financial benefits. This kind of connectivity promotes family and make a step towards a sustainable future.


What benefit does network of family farms provide?


The main goal of this network of family business owners is to provide a common space for sharing information, experiences, examples of good practice, along with innovative ideas that contribute to the successful management of family business through generations. Equally important is access to the global network of family farms. The advantage of this network as well as support as well as the exchange of experiences of family farms from several countries that cooperate with LAG Bura. Creating conditions for a profitable family economy is a prerequisite for keeping younger generations in Croatia. Family-owned companies are an important part of the economy, but they are in need of further development, as only one-third of the family farms, transferred  from one generation to another succeeds.

Network of family farms is supported by the Municipality of Vrsi. The network is open to all family farms and all interested residents who want to promote their products locally, but also internationally. In this manner, the Network promotes customs, products and trades, and increases the range of the local market. Network was developed in cooperation with LAG Bura, which provided administrative and logistical support to the development of this network.